UNIVERSE is an under development virtual reality software. The project aims at providing tools to build procedural worlds, with planets, cities, landscapes and much more that you can then explore through the UNIVERSE peer to peer network. UNIVERSE runs like a decentralized network where each user might be server as well as client. Put in other words, each user is free to build its own universe, with specific rules and gameplay, and then join the network. This way every users can explore, experience and play any interconnected universe.

UNIVERSE is a free software targeting the linux plateform and relying heavily on the cutting-edge graphic API known as Vulkan for both graphic rendering and procedural generation.


A new blog will come soon. You can reach the old one there (in french).


Below you can find some media related to the project.

Concept Art

Artworks & Designs





UNIVERSE is a work in progress, and will remain free thanks to generous contributors. Want to help? Become a donator on Flattr,Liberapay or Tipeee.

Also you can provide help on coding, concept arts and documentation. Stay in touch by following UNIVERSE's repositories located on framagit and github.


dev at universe dot tuxfamily dot org

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